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Emerald provides the below mentioned flawless services

-- Shipping to Australia

-- Shipping To UK

-- Shipping To UAE

-- Shipping To USA

-- Shipping from UK to India


What is a Shared Shipping Container?

Emerald Relocations offer a groupage service known as shared container shipping.

This is a service that is suitable for people who do not have enough items to completely fill a 20ft or 40ft container. Maybe you only need to move a few boxes or items of furniture, but don’t want to spend money on a full container. That’s where shared shipping containers come in.

Shared shipping containers allow for you to only pay for the room you take up in a container. There’s no need to waste money on a 20ft container that is only half full!

How does it work?

Your items will be wrapped and packed and brought to our warehouse. There, they will be loaded into a shipping container. This container will include items from other clients who are shipping items to the same destination. Once the container is full it will be shipped to the desired destination. Once arrived, the container will be collected from the port by a destination agent, who will then arrange the customs clearance and delivery to your door.

What are the benefits?

Sharing a container means sharing the cost! You and the other clients don’t have to individually pay for containers that are only half full. Instead, all items will be shipped to the same location for a lower cost. You only pay for the amount of space your items take up in the container.

Transit Time

When you ship under the LCL option transit time will be a little longer than FCL due to shipments being consolidated prior to filling the container. The faster the consolidation process the faster the transit time. Generally consolidation and distribution adds 30 days that is included within your delivery time frame. For example, if the transit time of FCL is 60 days then, LCL will be apprx. 90 days.

Write to sales@emeraldrelocations.com for your next LCL/baggage shipments via CONSOLIDATION mode for shipping to the US, shipping to Melbourne, shipping to Sydney, shipping to UK and other destinations.

Pre-Move Questionnaire

  • My Shipping to India process went on well. We were worried initially with the whole process and procedures. Thanks to your team and I wish good luck to Emerald Relocations.
    Madhavi Latha, Detroit to Chennai
  • Emerald Relocations displayed the capacity of dealing with expats. Appreciate your service at a competitive price.
    Roger Ford, Chennai to UK
  • Competitive price combined with acceptable services, no pain and no hidden cost. My personal goods move from Detroit to Chennai very well taken care of - Muruganandham, Hewlett Packard.
  • Good natured people & efficient system in place resulted in good services. I recommend this company, closing my eyes, to anyone.
    Rajesh Gulati - NJ to Dehradun.
  • Excellent service all the way through, a never say no attitude.
    Daniel Smith - Chennai / London.
  • Highly professional team. Nice to see hard work done with a pleasing smile.
    Martin Nielsen - Bangalore / Copenhagen.
  • Very professional and great care for even minute items. Keep up the good work.
    Ms. Cynthia - Import client from Australia.
  • Very pleased with your service. Follow up phone calls, confirmation letter, confirmation phone call the day before and finally with scheduling, very professional and pleased with myself that I went with your company.
    Arvind Subramanian - Dubai to Chennai.
  • Very good service and polite staffs. Keep it up.
    Ms. Sripriya - Chennai / Singapore.
  • I am impressed by your team' professionalism.
    Parthiv Shukla - Import client from UAE.
  • Very helpful and able to work with customer on their needs and requirements.
    Firoz Ali Khan - Bangalore / Toronto.
  • You guys are terrific. We are very happy with each one of them and their hard work. The clearance and delivery part went very smooth. We have already referred you to others.
    Major Krishnan - Import client from the UK.