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Packing of Heavy Machinery and Industrial Equipment. We undertake contract packing providing materials and a skilled workforce making Crates, Cases and Pallets for items that need to be transported either domestically or for export. In most cases as the items to be packed are large and heavy, we provide our services on-site offering remarkable flexibility when it comes to meeting deadlines.

Cases, crates and pallets can be Heat Treated to ISPM15 standard to make them suitable for export all over the world. We are in the packing & moving industry for more than decades and our expertise will give you tailor made solutions for all your industrial packing needs.

We have a good team of experienced workers spread over our industrial units that can provide quality service to meet the customer’s needs. Our materials are sourced from reputed and quality suppliers meeting stringent standards for export and domestic consumption.

Wood Treatment and seasoning

We offer Wood Seasoning services and facilities at our Industrial Unit near Chennai. Besides being used for Wooden Packing and Export Packing, this treated wood finds many applications especially in furniture and interior design. We are also one of the few companies in South India to offer ISPM 15 certified wood for export packing.

Certification/Marking Issued by Govt of India

Why ISPM 15?

Many countries require ISPM 15 certification on timber used in packing to allow the import of goods. Since sea-worthy packing requires the use of cases, crates and pallets, it is essential that the timber used in this process is treated to ISPM 15 standards, which includes fumigation, chemical treatment and heat treatment. This is an essential requirement to prevent the spread of pests and insects that could affect the importing country.

In India, the Government audits and approves vendors like us for compliance with this international standard and this grants us the ability to stamp treated timber and identify it as being ISPM 15 compliant (see image above).